The saddest possible scenario

Having had the worst hangover of the month yesterday, I came to think about this hypothetical scenario:

It is well known that being drunk makes you enjoy the long philosophical conversation. In a way that, it is under the influence of alcohol that one might conduct the longest and most insightful philosophical enquiries.

Now, you could very well have those two kids, that don't know each other, and that have a lot of philosophical potential, and that somehow complete each other's weakness. Those two kids would be invited to the same party and would, by chance end up sitting on the same couch.

And by another accident of fate, they would start talking about those very philosophical subjects where they are "the two most advanced thinkers in the world", let's say ; turning away the people coming to them ; taking breaks only to get another drink or to go to the toilets. They would be sitting there all night making one philosophical advances after another, downing bottles of wine and rum and whatnot. The alcohol enhancing their conversation. And then they would go like:

- Ok, that might be true but... wait... what did you just say?
- Well I was just replying to your... Wow!
- You see what I mean?
- Yeah... that's it...
- Yeah... we have it. That's the Answer.
- Yep...

And they would drift into an amazed silence, having finally found the Answer to all those annoying questions. This, my friends, would be the turning point of human civilization. Unless...

One of them wakes up in the morning with a horrible headache, struggles his way to the bathroom, drinks one full litre of water, and suddenly is caught by this weird feeling: "wasn't I talking to the same kid all night? Oh boy that was interesting... what was it we were talking about...".

They find a new phone number in their mobile and calls. A painful voices answers: "Hummmph?"

- Hey, I remember I was talking to someone all night yesterday, was it you?
- Humph... Oh yeah... That clever kid... How are you?
- Horrible hangover, and you?
- Humph... same.
- But hey, I think we found out something really important around the end... I can't fucking remember what it was...
- Humph... what you're talking about... Oh yeah... there was something.
- What was it?
- Humph... can't remember. I was too drunk.
- Yeah, me too.
- Humph... you know... they say if you can't remember it, it can't have been too important.
- Sure, whatever. Let's go and grab a coffee at Vlad's
- Humph... Yeah... coffee...

How many times do you think this already happened?

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