The doom of the white race

The White race is doomed. Everywhere I go, I see all those brown-skinned fat women wheeling around the most recent version of their offspring. Everywhere I read that natality is down in most White countries, except those that are upheld by their strong immigrated population. The White race is slowly but surely disappearing.

Shaking your head in disbelief? I know the truth is hard to face, as most people do, you probably have a suppression reflex against racist thoughts. But open your eyes. All statistics show it. The White people are not breeding anymore.

I cannot but notice that the most capable and active people I know are also the most childless. And transposing it to the scale of population, I see the same thing happening. White race is so busy running the world and doesn't have time for such mundane tasks as perpetuating its own genes. What will France be like when the Arabs outnumber the Whites? What will an Indian Britain be like? A Mexican USA? A Turkish Germany? Will they carry on with the century-long tradition of freedom, progress and enlightenment that the people before them have cultivated on top of millenia of barbarism?

Surely they will. But not entirely.

It is not Wonderland yet. The dogmas that White-people-united society is built upon are full of flaws, however much supremacists like to sugar-coat them. And I have good hopes that they will better them a great deal, and to come up with new, more advanced ones. Those colored people that are going to replace the Whites on their own soil.

Let it be reminded that the White race is the worstly overpopulated one. It amounts to, say one sixth of the human gene pool, having originated on a subcontinent that can sustain no more than 300 millions at todays potential maximums. It reached that point by emmigrating to other parts and either enslaving, either murdering the locals. In some cases, "their own soil" is not so much theirs. Some balance is being brought back. In a completely incidental way, I admit.

Let it be reminded that all human races, apart from the Blacks, have, at one point or another been the spearhead of human development. The lack of performance on the Black side tells much more about the geo-strategics of the African continent than it does of the Black people. Point is: It seems that every human race is genetically capable of leading the world into progress.

So, in case the White race starves itself, I don't fear for the welfare of mankind.

And, actually, it is not even probable that it is going to disappear. Seriously shrink, relatively to other races, it surely will. But as other races find their way into development (despite the xenophobic policies set up to prevent them to), they will be hit by the same sterility syndrome. Unless the dogmas on which society is build change drastically. Which might be coming soon enough.
But in any case, if change there is, it will affect everyone, regardless of the race.

So why worry? That seems to be only good news to humanity. Well... The White people worry. Out of simple tribalism.

And this is the only globally worrying part: The cat runs when the dog shows up. Sometime she lives her food behind, to save herself. But she will face the dog, and her death, to save her children. Your offspring is worth more than yourself, the perpetuation of your genes is more important than that of your life. In a knee-jerk move against the colored menace, the White-people-united might press some red button or another.

That would suck. Let's prepare, from right now, for the day this might happen. Let's remember that it is a possible scenario. The doom of the White race may be inevitable, let it not be the doom of humanity.


"If you really believe African people have never ruled the world you are sorely miseducated." HA HA HA HA, the pathetic/maniacal negro ego is so amusing. Please, negro, your people have known nothing but the Stone Age until you were sold into slavery. Anyone can tell this just looking at the lot of you, including YOU.

I can't decide if you are being subversive and voluntarily controversial as a sarcasm or if you really believe the load of bullshit you just wrote? It's so one-sided and defending a narrow viewpoint that the only word which comes to describe this article is "pathetic", sorry. What I mean is that the "white race" is not busy running the world but draining it from its last resources. The "high level of development" seems rather to reflect a lack of concern for impact on the environment, an impossible greediness, a self gratifying ego of superiority defended by the impression to be "the chosen ones", dominant colonialist morons. They are responsible for bringing the whole race on the verge of extinction and call it "development". They destroyed and LOST thousand of year of wisdom from the other cultures, leaving them no choice that copying the desastrous European devellopement. "The lack of performance" that you qualify Africans (and Arborigines? ) only shows your utter ignorance of the very advanced philosophy, spiritual and adaptation these tribes were capable of. If anything, they were smart enough, smarter than us, to cultivate without cutting everything down, they were managing game without to have to care for it AND they knew the benefits of population control. The importance of the art and culture shows that contrarily as the white guys like to think they were absolutely not "struggling for survival". You don't develop art when you are busy looking for food... This is not a personal opinion, it is nowadays widely recognized within anthropologists as they toss they little pink western googles and start seriously to understand and rediscover a fraction of the knowledge that has been erased. So yes, the white race will bring us to an extinction but this is what they have been doing for the last 300 years isn't it? In the meantime, lookup the last discoveries in Neandertal propagation and how they mixed with humans. Apparently they were a superior race with superior intellect and art and mixed with several populations around the world (including arborigines). Pure Homo sapiens sapiens appears to have been the stupidest and thoughest one. All the other gender of Homo could have been more evolved. Too bad they didn't make it and now we debate around Homo stupidens... ;))

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