Let them look after themselves

Third world sucks, it shouldn't exist. But it's not so easy to get rid of it.

Send them money to develop agriculture, so that people stop dying of hunger, but they just won't stop. The president-for-life thought it was a better idea to invest in a new presidential palace.

Send them money to build hospitals, so that people stop dying of common flu, and... The president for life invests in a new presidential plane.

In the end, you just send them food and drugs. At least that's something the president-for-life can't make a presidential theme-park with.

Wouldn't it be nice if the people were a bit more educated, so that they would overthrow the culprit and put their country in phase with a globalised economy? All that it would take is one generation with access to a good education. But when you send them money to build schools.... And you can't really send them schools...

If only we could send them computers with internet. Child-friendly computers, not too powerful but with a good casing that would last. And with a wifi card too (there are access points everywhere now, even in the third world).

Just imagine: One generation of kids that would have grown up with a laptop in their hands. That sounds pretty much like the solution we're looking for. Well, stop looking.


A computer for kids

Just one generation and the problem is solved.

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A couple of facts first.

I've spent a decade trying, and failing, to solve a puzzle:

"What's a good computer for a digital nomad".

Let me first explain to you how this fundamental worry of mine is relevant to you as well.

I'm an avid user of the web and, on my own terminals, I have set up ad blockers. They efficiently filter out most of the advertising that websites throw at me.

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