book cover for Hard Fork Wars

I wrote quite a bit in the blog about the scaling issues of Bitcoin. In the end, the story it painted was so epic I decided it was worth a book.

Book cover

I wrote this story because I wanted a good example to point at. A real-life hacker story. I wanted to show that cybersecurity is a cultural concept.

Cover for Merry Christmas Mister Hobo

I wrote this book one day I was actually homeless.

Cover for the Epic Shit with Baby book

My son wrote this one, I only did the editing. He's a rather literate 2-years-old. It's a guide on how to do some pretty hardcore traveling with a baby.

Cover for the Headshot book

I wrote that story while on a round-the-world hitchhiking trip. I got a bad case of culture shock after witnessing seriously fucked up childrearing. Writing binge ensued.

Cover for the Phantom Fleet book

I've always been itching to write seriously epic, but scrupulously realistic, space battles. One evening, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I wrote this over the course of ten days.