Of technology, music and freedom.

I'm not a big fan of music festivals. Somehow, the concept doesn't compute well with me. But sometimes, if it's free and I have nothing better to do, I go have a look.

Third world sucks, it shouldn't exist. But it's not so easy to get rid of it.

Send them money to develop agriculture, so that people stop dying of hunger, but they just won't stop. The president-for-life thought it was a better idea to invest in a new presidential palace.

How meeting the founders and ambassadors of Couchsurfing eventually convinced me to stop using it.

Having had the worst hangover of the month yesterday, I came to think about this hypothetical scenario:

It is well known that being drunk makes you enjoy the long philosophical conversation. In a way that, it is under the influence of alcohol that one might conduct the longest and most insightful philosophical enquiries.