The power of words. I bet it's not the first time you see these words written in this order :) . The phrase "the power of words" is so powerless to carry out what it's trying to mean that it's a beautiful contradiction of itself.

People give me lots of shit because I'm catholic. It seems an accepted truth in Europe that religion is just a fix for gullible fools or a tool for mass manipulation and that anyone sane can only be atheist.

The White race is doomed. Everywhere I go, I see all those brown-skinned fat women wheeling around the most recent version of their offspring. Everywhere I read that natality is down in most White countries, except those that are upheld by their strong immigrated population. The White race is slowly but surely disappearing.

A recent controversy around swimsuits for little girls is currently causing some stir. I have no doubt that it will soon vanish into the oblivion it deserves, and that is why I don't provide any links. But the simple fact that it raises controversy deserves attention.

Why do we find the sexualization of little girls shocking?

 “How do you expect to ever find someone with such sub-standard table manners !” says the mother to the teenager after the poor kid burped his soda, launching a salvo of offended looks. Does that ring a bell? I danced my whole childhood to that tune. [All 30 years of it. In particular the later years.

I have lived in Great Britain, and there are a couple of things I have found unsettling there. First, is the use of the word "Great" as part of the name of the land. Regardless to the fact that it is no greater than any other place and that, if I were judge in the matter, I'd lean on thinking the opposite.

This is a couple-of-chapters story on the consequences of weird economical and moral precepts taken to some extreme. Story happens in Mexico.

A couple of facts first.

There is a space on earth where borders are virtually removed between a cluster of countries. It's called the European Union, a space 3,000 km wide in which 500 million people live. More than anyone would need.

I'm an avid user of the web and, on my own terminals, I have set up ad blockers. They efficiently filter out most of the advertising that websites throw at me.

There are some activities that one cannot but undertake, but that he must make sure that the outer society ignores all about. Of those secret actions, the outer society, that includes all sentient creatures alive besides him, not only must not take notice ; but in ideal, it should rest assured that none of its members ever undertakes them.