Money is trust. And that's all it is. When you exchange a tangible good or a service against "money", it is only because you trust that you'll be able to exchange it again for different goods or services. The stuff that is used for money as no intrinsic value if that trust goes away. Be it gold.

Now what if...

Pizza Hut managed to patent the recipe for pizza? That's right! Let's just say they sent a team of historians in Italy that dug out the sole descendant of the indubitable Napoli inventor of pizza. And they gave him 10 M$ to transfer the title to them. Hey! Why not? So what changes in the world?

What is the mission of the UN? I won't go through its mission statement. Historically, the UN is the alliance of armed nations that defeated Japanazis in the second world war. Remnants of that still lingers in the organisation.

Free market, as with all economic theory, is based on a general philosophy. That general philosophy is that human greed, left unchecked, will be the motor of societal development to extends that are more efficient, and therefore more beneficial to humanity than competing economic theories. The development model could be summarized as:

  1. Increase individual freedom as much as possible
  2. Increase market freedom as much as possible
  3. Profit

The discovery of America. A tale of adventures, discovery, daring, danger and, well... massacre. The exactions of European, mostly Spanish, conquerors (as they called themselves) in America probably amount to the worst thing that ever happened to humanity, vastly topping any other campaign of horror that has splattered history.

Reminder: Hadopi is a dissuasive automatic punishment system that sniffs the bit-torrent network (and other peer-to-peer) for IP addresses transmitting certain contents such as copyrighted songs or movies.

Meet Grady, 25 years old. Fed up with life and of the way things are going. He works as maintenance staff at the airport. One day that he's pissed off at the whole world, he sabotages a key part of a plane engine in a way that makes it certain to crash at landing next time it takes to the air.

I seldom travel outside of the Schengen space. I really hate borders, and going through the border checkpoints can waste my mood for a whole day. The Schengen space is wide and full of wonders, why would I need to cross over?

I've been running linux for 10 years as my main system. That amounts to a geological era or two in the software world. I have seen some pretty radical things happen to my desktop, namely KDE4, Gnome3 and Unity.

My parents are devout catholics, but not fundamentalists, which is handy for this post since that's the most common religious group on Earth. They believe that "work is health" and that one must "win their bread sweat of their brow" and they might claim that money isn't happiness, but not wholeheartedly.