Bitcoin symbol

Money is trust. And that's all it is. When you exchange a tangible good or a service against "money", it is only because you trust that you'll be able to exchange it again for different goods or services. The stuff that is used for money as no intrinsic value if that trust goes away. Be it gold.

Slice of pizza in a pirate flag shape

Now what if...

Pizza Hut managed to patent the recipe for pizza? That's right! Let's just say they sent a team of historians in Italy that dug out the sole descendant of the indubitable Napoli inventor of pizza. And they gave him 10 M$ to transfer the title to them. Hey! Why not? So what changes in the world?

Picture of a blue-helmet soldier with the caption "UNinvolved in Africa"

What is the mission of the UN? I won't go through its mission statement. Historically, the UN is the alliance of armed nations that defeated Japanazis in the second world war. Remnants of that still lingers in the organisation.